Indoor Fine Art Maternity Session- Kaitlin

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Indoor Fine Art Maternity Session with Kaitlin Cuccinelli and her husband. They both traveled to Arizona for their babymoon and some beautiful maternity session indoors and the Sonoran Desert.

Q1: Due Date?

A1: September 24

Q2: How did you find out you were expecting?

A2:  I found out at work!!! I have 0 patience and felt weird, so I ran out to the store at lunch and took a test. Low and behold it was a big fat positive! I practically RAN HOME and told my hubby.

Q3: How did you tell the father?

A3: I had a onesie printed a while ago that I kept hidden in a drawer for one day when I did find out I was pregnant. Little did I know I would be using it so soon!!

Q4: Did you find out the gender of your baby?

A4: It’s a BOY!

Q5: Is there a name picked out yet?

A5: no name yet! 

Indoor Fine Art Maternity Session
Indoor Fine Art Maternity Session
Indoor Fine Art Maternity Session
Indoor Fine Art Maternity Session
Indoor Fine Art Maternity Session
Indoor Fine Art Maternity Session
Indoor Fine Art Maternity Session
Indoor Fine Art Maternity Session
Indoor Fine Art Maternity Session
Indoor Fine Art Maternity Session

Q6: How has pregnancy changed you as a woman?

A6: Pregnancy can be very empowering but also terrifying. You have to put your faith and trust completely in something greater than you and whatever is meant to be, is going to be! Pregnancy made me realize that sometimes things are out of our control and we just need to roll with it whether its good or bad. You can’t plan everything! I’ve definitely become more thankful for the things I have and have realized how truly blessed I am. You have to let go of all control, and just put your faith in what is meant to be – which can be terrifying at times but there is always a greater plan!

Q7: What advice do you wish you had known before getting pregnant ( even if it’s something gross)?

A7: You can never prepare for the unexpected. Your life will forever be changed the minute you see a positive on that pregnancy test. It is the craziest feeling in the world! Second, I wish I knew about the constant nose bleeds I would be gifted with!!! Lastly, there is no real way to prepare for a baby. I think in our society and this digital world there is so much emphasis on being perfect and prepared and there really is no such thing. We are all in this together to learn as we go!

Q8: What are your 3 must-haves pregnancy items?

A8: My mom for her constant advice and companionship, bio belly oil, and comfy cute dresses!

Q9: What is one thing you find beautiful about being pregnant?

A9: I love seeing my belly change every single day. Feeling him move is something completely indescribable. I never thought I would love having a belly as much as I do.

Q10: What would you tell someone who just found out they were pregnant?

A10: Enjoy every second because it goes so fast! Try not to worry too much in the beginning even though it could be very scary.

Q11: What are your beauty must-haves while pregnant?

A11: Bio-Oil, Olaplex, and WATER! (to keep the bloat away)

Q12: Can you share with our mommies where you purchased the items you wore for your indoor fine art maternity session?

A12: My blue dress was Nightcap and my cream dress was Misa

Q13: Kind words about your photographer?

A13: Ashley was the sweetest person I have ever met! She took so much time out of her day and spent hours with us in different locations to make our indoor fine art maternity session absolutely perfect. She made standing out in 100 degree heat feel easy and fun! She truly is so talented and was such a delight to work with. We will always have these memories and for that I can never thank her enough. I wish we were closer so we could have her capture EVERY milestone we share as a family because she is just that sweet and talented!!

Jul 19, 2019

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