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We believe in simplicity and refined education. With so many philosophies and opinions on how to be successful in the industry, we have found that the only way to truly achieve that is to take it back to your heart. To go back to the base question of “why?” Why are you a photographer? Is it that your soul has an undeniable calling to create? Do you love forming connections with other people? Or are you nostalgia driven by the sweetness of capturing special moments? 

No matter what your personal “why” is, on a very base level, we are all artists. Called to create, connect, capture, grow, and develop. With that often comes insecurity, mistakes, and confusion. We have all been there. 

Our approach to teaching a workshop is different. We want to simplify everything – allowing you to learn from your heart – from your “why” – in a very intimate environment. We are all coming together with different strengths, different questions, and different struggles. Together, we will reconnect with our hearts and learn through a very hands-on approach. 

1:1 time is very important to us. We don’t just want you to learn, but we want you to practice and apply while in our safe space. We will get creative, relax, build our own workshop support community, while working with both medium format film and digital. The content will be gorgeous and inspired – allowing you to create a portfolio that speaks to your artist heart and that connects you with discerning couples. 

For those just learning film or wanting to feel more confident, this workshop is for you. For those who feel successful but have lost their passionate spark, this workshop is for you. For those who feel creatively driven but smothered by the business side of the industry, this workshop is for you. For those wanting a place in the industry but not sure where that place is, this workshop is for you. 

The creative journey is a hard one. Breaking down your talent, being honest with yourself about the things that scare you, and putting it all on the table isn’t easy. We are here to do this with you and to be there for you. Bring your fears, your concerns, your strengths, your wisdom, your motivation, your heart, and your “why.” If you do, we promise you will leave feeling empowered, inspired, and truly changed by your own journey. 


"The experience and education is worthwhile. The shoots were styled beautifully, and so magical. "

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Ashely's workshop was an amazing experience! It was complete with the most talented vendors in the wedding industry working together as a team to deliver the best learning experience. The experience and education is worthwhile. The shoots were styled beautifully, and so magical. 

The venue, flowers, gowns was pure perfection. Ashley is so sweet, fun and extremely knowledgable. She took the time to explain everything she was doing while offering direction and support. I left feeling inspired and motivated.


For investment details and availability, please send a message via the form below. Hour long 1:1 available as well as tailored mentoring sessions. 
*Workshop announcing soon