was born and raised in the Sonoran desert of Phoenix, Arizona. I started my career in photography back in 2012. Photography just wasn’t on my radar for a career to be honest. I wasn’t a natural (as they say) born photographer with this god given talent. I was, in fact, taking an unfilling road. Photography just wasn’t apart of my plan….. I believe photography found ME.

The start of my career began with a photograph… A photograph I never had…

I was searching for what I thought I had of my mom and I, and it didn’t exist. In my memory it did but it was a sad discovery. From this very moment, I asked my husband for a camera. This was the start of my business.

Soon after I started to notice work from Jose Villa and Daniel Kim and noticed that seeing a film photograph completely moved me. I loved the tones, softness, and fine grain and the emotion of their clients. I was so moved by their work.

So, I made the decision to dive into this new venture of photography that lead me into film photography years later and it all started with Daniel Kim’s workshop here in Arizona. I opened my vulnerability to learn something so new, and I learned from the most incredible and talented story-telling photographer.

After the workshop, I received my film scans and I was completely blown away. I remember opening my files, and I literally cried. This was the turning point in my photographic career. I knew this was my calling and I had to capture all the moments in people’s lives that matter big or small and in-between.


My signature aesthetic can be described as romantic for the feminist bride. I love deep emotional imagery and details. I specialize in photographing weddings in medium format film.

I really feel like photographing film and weddings have completely changed molded my business. Film has made me more aware on each frame I capture and the unfolding story I’m going to tell with intention. It’s given me an entirely new love perspective on my photography journey.

I absolutely relish the small details. You can often see in my portfolio a portrait of someone’s luscious lips, hands, and the closeness before the kiss. I think that these types of photographs tugs at the heart.


California Film Photographer