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Sit Back and Relax
During your session I want you to sit back and relax. It’s often a natural instinct to want to coerce your child into smiling by asking him. her to “say cheese” or by doing something silly. Instead simply enjoy being with your children by playing, laughing, and acting naturally. The images I capture when your child is naturally happy will be so much more genuine and precious to you than a forced smile.

Special Treats
I encourage you to not bride your kid(s) or I promise special treats prior to the session. In my experience children can be so focused on earning a treat they want to rush through the session to earn the price. With your permission I would like to offer your child a special surprise as we near the end of the session. This actually works wonders for me in capturing additional frames we may have otherwise missed as kids are typically intrigued by a new promise of a reward. I do ask parents to provide me with a goodie bag with all your child’s favorite things or treats that I can provide at the end of the session. This way I’m not giving a toy or treat a child may not like.

Break Time

If your child becomes restless at any point during the session please know that its not uncommon for me to set down my camera and play with your child or a few minutes. This gives your child a break and helps them trust that I have their best interest in mind.


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